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Planning an event that perfectly balances organisational excellence and the entertainment quotient is serious business, one that has been elevated to a fine art at PartyPlanet. This particular party got started in 1999, and has since earned a reputation for managing and organising a diverse range of events, each distinctive and unique, but with one common factor – flawless organisation and impeccable execution.

Party Planet has, since its inception, matured into a trusted, reliable brand that provides feasible solutions to events spanning the spectrum, from corporate dos to wedding celebrations and theme-driven kiddy parties. All requirements, right from the décor, activities, invites, takeaways and any other collaterals depending on the occasion and the client, are handled by the company. All you need to do is show up!

With a creatively inclined staff working in synchronised coordination on each function, Party Planet is a self-contained, creative management boutique that orbits efficiently around its ‘Sun’ – You, the client.

Party Planner

Meghna Chitalia
Founder & CEO, Party Planet

It is a universally acknowledged truth that behind every successful company is the hand of a creative, committed visionary. Meghna Chitalia, the frontrunner, founder, the be all and end all of Party Planet, bears testimony to the fact, having transformed this venture she single-handedly set up into a name to reckon with. Persevering and determined, with a particular passion for planning the perfect event, Meghna garnered rich organisational experience at previously held, management-level jobs before setting up Party Planet. It was an experience that has stood her in good stead and enabled her to optimise the potential of the company while providing feasible, innovative solutions to a plethora of clients.

The 13-year journey has seen the company move from strength-to-strength and become a familiar name in the event management milieu, meeting important landmarks along the way and carving out a significant place in a highly competitive industry with its versatile clientele, persevering staff and Meghna’s inspiring vision.
Party Vision

To evolve into a one-stop-shop offering 360-degree event solutions for all occasions across the country,
and consolidate Party Planet as a reliable, trusted brand that has set precedents of excellence in execution,
quality and creatively conceived events.
… And of course, to be the ultimate party planning destination!
Party Mission

  • To provide tailormade solutions to clients with diverse requirements.

  • Maintain the highest standards of quality and excellence.

  • Set benchmarks in event management through constant innovation. And most importantly…
To make the journey of organisation as fun and enjoyable for the client as the
final event.
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