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Compere To Organize Birthday Parties

The compere acts as a master of your kid’s birthday party & may often be called as an anchor or an emcee.

He / She is an important part of a birthday party & acts as a host allowing the birthday boy or birthday girl to enjoy the party along with their guests with a goal to move from one activity to the next, keeping the birthday event as close to on schedule as possible.

Although your kid’s birthday party atmosphere might provide a good time, the compere serves as a representative to help engage the guests & keep the party moving.

The compere has a variety of duties at a birthday party ranging from introducing & greeting the birthday boy / birthday girl along with their family & guests to getting them involved in games and activities. The compere starts the birthday announcements as the guests begin to pour in, welcoming each one and giving a quick overview of the schedule planned by the party hosts / birthday party event organizers, ideally staying focused on the multifaceted responsibilities a kids birthday demands.

The compere makes notes about special people attending the birthday party such as the birthday child’s grandparents & other close relatives to provide proper introductions & a couple of fun facts about them.

During the course of the birthday party, the compere keeps in touch with the hosts or the birthday party planners to ensure the event is progressing as they wish & make the necessary adjustments as needed.

After the game sessions, if dancing is in the planned birthday schedule, the compere opens the dance floor by introducing the DJ to the guests and lets him take over from there. The compere then gives a closing speech to let guests know when the birthday party shall end, thanking each one for being a part of the birthday celebration on behalf of the party hosts & the birthday party decorators.

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